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As a distributor of adhesive and chemicals, Aries International is proud to work with the world's leading manufacturers to bring you the products you need.

We are predominantly experienced suppliers of water based and hot melt adhesive systems with an ongoing technical development programme for a wide field of applications.

Our water based range of adhesives include PVA's, VAE's, Acrylics, etc, all of which are developed and designed for the different end user requirements such as furniture, handicraft, lamination etc. We offer hot melt adhesives from EVA formulated products for use in photo books, binding and packaging industry.

Construction Chemicals
Every construction project, be it a new building or repair & rehab, is different and has its own specific challenges. We offer innovative, customized, and simple applicable solutions.

We supply wide range of products including polymer modified cementitious systems, sealants, waterproofing chemicals, tile adhesives, grouts, corrosion controllers, solvent free adhesives, epoxy products and many more construction supplies. These find application in building repairs and rehab projects as well as new construction.

Biological Products
Whether it is treatment of waste water, rejuvenating rivers or lakes, increase the harvest, or removal of unwanted odour, we offer cost effective environment friendly biotechnology solutions.

We distribute high quality and innovative bacteria and micro-organism products for a variety of environmental applications including wastewater treatment, spill cleanup, soil and water bioremediation, agriculture, sanitation control, septic, grease and odour control, pond remediation and aquaculture etc.

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If you use any product that falls outside the types we have mentioned above, please feel free to contact us with full details, for friendly and specialized assistance to source it from any part of the world.

If you offer any innovative products which deserve professional marketing and distribution to a diverse customer base, please share with us full details and benefit from our resources, experience and integrity.

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